SEM: The fast way to get visits to your website or online store

SEM is paid search engine advertising: SEM or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are perfect tools if you want to generate traffic in a short period of time and get conversions on your website through Google AdWords or Bing mainly. Ads are shown in search results for a given word or group of words and you pay for each click that users make on the ad (PPC).

SEM service benefits

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    Immediacy. In a few hours you can start selling

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    You can be visible and position yourself only for certain terms that you want

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    It allows you to face the big competitors in each sector, being cheaper in acquisition costs than other traditional advertising channels

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    Detailed control of the investment and the results obtained from the advertising campaigns

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Phone calls

I want to receive more phone calls from potential clients

Visitors in my Physical Store

I want more people to visit my physical location.

Website traffic

I want more people visit my website.

Why Advertise On Google?

More than 6 billion daily searches around the world.

Show ads only when people search for your product or service.

Pay only for the people who click on your ads

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